Leading payer uses healthcare economics to improve reporting

Learn why this payer rolled out healthcare economics and how it had a positive impact on the business.

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Control increasing expenses with healthcare economics

As medical expenses continue to rise, the need to control this growth remains a key focus for payer organizations. Healthcare economics helps payers understand and control expenses with comprehensive reporting and data availability.

The ability to quickly and easily generate reports, drill down into the data to understand trends and root causes is a necessity to successfully managing a healthcare plan.

Getting there, however, is extremely difficult without a healthcare economics solution, which offers detailed insight into the patient population, disease types, disease management programs and chronic care conditions.

The healthcare economics solution helped the payer:

  • Reduce claims cost by 5 percent.
  • Answer utilization questions 80 percent faster than previous solution
  • Create ad hoc reports in 80 percent less time than previous solution

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