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The definitive guide to payer analytics: Harness, understand and act on data for today's healthcare economy.

MedeBytes video series: MedeAnalytics expert Becky Niehus, director, Product Consulting, answers your questions in three short videos.

Case study: A Midwest health plan drives $350k in annual savings.

Resources: Real customers, saving real money. Learn how our customers save time and money every day of the week.

Article: Make a difference even during a crisis. A deep dive into employer reporting, health plans, analytics and the pandemic.

On-demand webinar: View our on-demand expert series to learn how health plans like yours weather today’s current healthcare climate – and succeed!

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Definitive guide to payer analytics

Data-derived insights have become a form of currency in today’s digital world. When data is aggregated and analyzed in an intelligent way, it tells a story that empowers decision-making.

The definitive guide to payer analytics highlights five analytics capabilities and their use cases to show how health plans can enable themselves to fully unleash their data to drive efficiencies.

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Expert Becky Niehus talks all things employer reporting in MedeBytes, a new series where we ask experts to answer one question about topics affecting your business.

Watch Becky answer the first three questions now, and get in touch if you’re ready for us to help you achieve better results with analytics.

Reduce ad-hoc reporting requests

Read how this MedeAnalytics customer maximized their employer client value with detailed analysis and improved reporting, and reduced their ad-hoc reporting requests by 45%.

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Real customers saving real money

Getting the most out of your analytics?  Probably not, if you're like most health plans. Find our how our customers used analytics to increase large group business by 176%, generate 30k plus reports in 48 hours and improve business even during the pandemic.

Data is taking over the world. How can you take advantage?
We can make your job easier, despite the pandemic
Case Study: Find out how to get ad-hoc reports 75% faster
Improve outcomes with faster, better insights
Solutions to move your health plan forward
Make a difference, even during a crisis

Check out Becky Niehus’ article, How to help employer groups plan in a time of uncertainty, to learn about the important intersection between analytics, employer reporting and the pandemic.

Let's talk about making it through the rest of this pandemic while preparing for future challenges.

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