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June 23-26   |   Nashville, TN   |   Booth #33

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The healthcare market is ever evolving—and we are too!

Stop by to see our new cloud-based Data Fabric, modern user experience, value-based care solutions, and patent-pending enterprise performance management system. We can't wait to show you!

Meet the new MedeAnalytics


Are you still...

  • performing tedious manual tasks,
  • wishing for better data interoperability,
  • looking for better ways to manage your provider network, or
  • missing opportunities to create value for employers or brokers?

We can help.


Our new Data Fabric was created specifically and only for healthcare. It provides a powerful, efficient, and flexible foundation for you to explore and apply clinical and operational data however and whenever you need to. With clear performance insights, you can make better, faster cost and care decisions.

MedeAnalytics empowers healthcare organizations with:

Industrial-strength, out-of-the-box reports and dashboards

Executive tools to align teams, monitor performance, and accomplish important enterprise goals without wasting time or resources

Complete interoperability with API gateway to unlock diverse data sources

Data science microservices, collaborative consulting, and transparent ROI assessments

Best-in-class data enablement with compelling visualization capabilities

Rely on MedeAnalytics for robust and actionable insights

Hear how one plan is equipping providers with self-service analytics to streamline operational processes and successfully achieve HEDIS benchmarks.

Further reading for your value-based care journey

Post-pandemic pressures and pain points, including clinician burnout and massive health inequities, have accelerated the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care.

Despite the ultimate benefits, moving to a value-driven system can be challenging for healthcare organizations, so we've built a strategic guide to help payers and providers along the way.

Download this ebook to learn the top 5 ways to leverage analytics for a successful journey to value-based care.

The foundation of value-based care is its underlying contractual arrangements. To put it simply, this is what establishes how a provider is reimbursed by a contracting entity (i.e. payer, ACO, employer).

Success in the expansion of value-based care hinges on payers’ ability to operationalize and automate the alignment of incentives and outcomes.

Download this ebook to learn key issues that payers are facing in the value-based care environment (and how to solve them).

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