Protect your financial stability through robust audit response and analytics


The rising volume of external audits poses a serious threat to healthcare organizations ill prepared to manage them appropriately. With current margins providing no room for penalties and paybacks, organizations must have appropriate audit appeal workflows and analytics to trend where they should align staffing and training improvements to have the greatest impact.

On this webinar, we discuss trends in external audits and recent focus areas outlined by the OIG and other entities. Hear from Melissa Barreras, RHIA, AVP of HIM operations at Ardent Health Services on how they have designed their audit response process to achieve improvements in their appeals success rates and how they link data sources to show the financial impacts that audits are having at their organization.

You will learn: 

  • The focus areas that are trending in external audits
  • What components are needed for building a successful external audit response workflow
  • How to show the true financial impact of successful appeals
  • What areas of improvement you should focus on through data trending



Melissa Barreras, RHIA
Ardent Health Services


Brenda Turner

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