Why Healthcare Should “Double-Down” on
AI-powered BI for Reporting

Learn why artificial intelligence is the gold standard for healthcare reporting

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The final chapter of MedeAnalytics President Scott Hampel’s three-part series on the evolution of manual reporting to AI-powered business intelligence is available now. In this chapter, he discusses how AI is the ultimate tool to help healthcare organizations understand and act on their voluminous data.

AI is becoming integral to the business of healthcare, whether you are a payer, an organization or a provider. And AI will continue to grow in importance as the healthcare industry adapts to market changes and recognizes AI’s value in improving operations and patient satisfaction.

AI has many strengths when applied to the healthcare industry:

  • Automate routine, repeatable data analysis
  • Create data insights delivered directly to users
  • Build analytics, such as chatbots
  • Posit “what if” scenarios
  • Identify data clusters, forecasting and anomalies using algorithms

Understanding the potential capabilities helps healthcare organizations understand the dramatic differences between reporting, business intelligence and AI. Download the full article now to lean more.