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Using data analytics to combat the maternal health crisis

By Kathryn Burch

With most pregnancy-related deaths being considered preventable, why is the United States facing a maternal health crisis? The country’s maternal mortality rate is the highest of any developed nation in the world and more than double the rate of peer countries. Maternity-related issues are now more common in the public discourse thanks to social media…

Q&A with Dr. Lyle Berkowitz: Diving into the future of AI, analytics and precision medicine

By Editorial Team

After an excellent keynote session led by Dr. Lyle Berkowitz at our 2022 Impact Summit (read the full talk summary here!), healthcare expert and MedeAnalytics executive Andy Dé sat down with Dr. Berkowitz for a follow-up Q&A about technological innovations in healthcare. Read through their fascinating discussion below! Dé: How far are we from realizing…

The missing piece to your Population Health strategy: A prescription for maximizing pharmacy data 

By Amy Snippes

The healthcare industry is swimming in data; sometimes organizations can even feel like they are drowning in available information. To stay afloat, health plans need systems and strategies for unifying disparate sources, sifting through the sea of data, and extracting meaningful, actionable insights. When done well, robust analytics have enormous power to impact population health…

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The Latest Medicare Data Release – Too Much, Too Little?

By MedeAnalytics

Many in the healthcare community are concerned with the unprecedented government release of Medicare payment data. Secretary Sebelius made it clear earlier in June that this won’t be the last of it either. Is it too much? Is it not enough? What if people misuse the data? These are just some of the concerns various […]