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2022 Rx: Your new, post-pandemic prescription for success

By David Schweppe

By Dave Schweppe, Chief Analytics Officer, MedeAnalytics Despite the common use of the term “post-COVID,” most leaders across the healthcare industry have come to terms with the fact that COVID-19 is not going away. Though we will not be in a pandemic state forever, many of the resulting changes will continue to pervade and impact…

Harmonizing Clinical and Claims Data at Kaiser Permanente to enable value to customers, brokers and patients for ‘payviders’

By Andy Dé

By Andy De A 2021 HFMA survey of health system executives found that 60% of providers are planning to move toward a “payvider” model in 2022 and take on a greater role in risk management. The survey also revealed that achieving strong data integrity and reporting tops the list of internal challenges health systems are…

Combating the opioid epidemic in North America with Nobel Prize winning research

By Andy Dé

American Researchers Dr. David Julius and Dr. Ardem Patapoutian from California were awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for their path breaking work on the development of non-opioid painkillers, showing immense promise for combating the epidemic.



Protect your financial stability through robust audit response and analytics

The rising volume of external audits poses a serious threat to healthcare organizations that are ill-prepared to manage them appropriately. With current margins providing no room for penalties and paybacks, organizations must have appropriate audit appeal workflows and analytics to trend where they should align staffing and training improvements to have the greatest impact.


Join this HIMSS webinar to hear Melissa Barreras, RHIA, AVP of HIM Operations at Ardent Health Services discuss trends in external audits, explore recent focus areas outlined by the OIG and other entities, and detail how Ardent redesigned their audit response process to improve appeals success rates and clearly demonstrate financial impact.


December 9, 2021   |   11:00 am CT

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Self-Pay: Determining Optimal Care Before the Visit Even Happens

By MedeAnalytics

By Tom Schaal, Senior Product Manager, Hospital Revenue Cycle Solution The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has opened the doors to many new challenges for healthcare organizations, among them is the changed self-pay landscape. While self-pay – defined by both uninsured and self-pay after insurance – has always been a part of the healthcare ecosystem, the […]

The Latest Medicare Data Release – Too Much, Too Little?

By MedeAnalytics

Many in the healthcare community are concerned with the unprecedented government release of Medicare payment data. Secretary Sebelius made it clear earlier in June that this won’t be the last of it either. Is it too much? Is it not enough? What if people misuse the data? These are just some of the concerns various […]