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Combating the opioid epidemic in North America with Nobel Prize winning research

By Andy Dé

American Researchers Dr. David Julius and Dr. Ardem Patapoutian from California were awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for their path breaking work on the development of non-opioid painkillers, showing immense promise for combating the epidemic.

Inside look: How Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island used analytics to reshape client retention and staff productivity

By Andy Dé

As much as the past 18 months of pandemic disruption have compromised staffing operations, financial stability, patient care, customer service, and many other facets of healthcare, we are also witnessing unique opportunities for transformation emerging in these spaces.

Why managed Medicaid/Medicare health plans need analytics to improve outcomes

By Mary Lou Mangan-Lamb

Managed care organizations that provide healthcare services to Medicare/Medicaid members are dedicated to improving the health and wellness of these underserved populations, especially those living in rural areas.   


case study

Nebraska Methodist Health System gains revenue efficiencies

The real proof of analytics’ worth lies within the healthcare organizations themselves. Learn how Nebraska Methodist is embracing an analytics culture and driving true business value from their data.

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Success Story: How Ballad Health achieved enterprise-wide strategy alignment

By Editorial Team

A key to success for any organization is finding a way to unite departments and individuals around common objectives and a shared strategic plan. For large health systems that employ thousands and have hospitals across multiple states, this alignment can be highly difficult to achieve. With the right approach and a strong data analytics platform,…

Tell the best healthcare story with data dashboards

By Becky Niehus

By this point, we’ve all heard the statistic that healthcare data is growing at 36% annually. The result of this growth is that we’re all swimming in charts that, unfortunately, often lack a narrative to help a data consumer easily grasp the key takeaways. Your organization likely has a set of standard reports and dashboards…

Success Story: Large Midwest health plan maximizes employer client value with improved analysis and reporting

By Editorial Team

A unique requirement of running a successful health plan is staying current on the needs, trends and metrics of employers in vastly different industries. Though homegrown reporting solutions can be effective for a time, eventually client list growth and shifting demands pile up – and a more robust, comprehensive approach is needed. Enter: MedeAnalytics. The…

Success Story: Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital engages physicians in continuous performance improvement initiatives

By Editorial Team

Physicians are constantly balancing numerous priorities and being pulled in various directions. Though performance growth and clinical documentation improvement are highly beneficial for patients in the long run, it’s difficult to engage already-stressed clinicians in initiatives that don’t demonstrate immediate impact.  With MedeAnalytics robust data and analytics platforms, Hoag Memorial was able to establish a…