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Five predictions for healthcare analytics and AI

By Andy Dé

Healthcare leaders increasingly realize the tremendous potential in artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to deliver on the promise of high-quality care at a low cost. These innovations provide essential opportunities to empower executives, business leaders, clinicians and nurses with the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics to inform their decision-making. Many healthcare organizations are seeking…

You asked, BCBSRI Answered: Impact Summit Session Q&A Spotlight

By Editorial Team

Our annual Impact Summit is a chance for leaders from our client organizations around the nation to join together to share their successes and gain guidance for the coming year. At our most recent Summit, our exceedingly impressive clients celebrated the wins that they’ve experienced through collaboration with MedeAnalytics. After each of the presentations, attendees…

Whole-person care requires whole-system interoperability

By Brett Schelenski, AVP of Medicaid Enterprise Analytics Strategy & David Schweppe, Chief Analytics Officer

While health and wellness are critical objectives for every person and population, achieving them is most urgent for Medicaid patients and plan members. To ensure the wellbeing and longevity of all communities, health care organizations, technologies and systems must be able to communicate, share information and work together effectively. This blog post will explain why…

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A look ahead at payer analytics innovation

By David Wolf

Pioneering payers know that building a strong foundation is the key to enacting sustainable innovation. This foundation typically includes the following handful of elements: Depth and breadth of expertise Persistent feedback loop Close customer relationships Leaders invested in growth and vision Dedicated innovation team This solid base is critical to surviving the constant intensity and…

Providers: Are you ready to be audited?

By Donna Kennedy, RN, JD

By Donna Kennedy In 2020, regular audits conducted by CMS and other payers were paused or significantly reduced as the COVID-19 pandemic took priority. Though we are not entirely ‘out of the woods’ of this health crisis yet, regulatory compliance teams have begun experiencing the resurgence and ramping up of provider reviews. Importantly, these audits…

From Insights to Action – The Digital Transformation of Healthcare in the Post-Pandemic “New Normal”

By Andy Dé

In November, MedeAnalytics hosted the 2021 Impact Summit, an engaging and educational event held annually and designed exclusively for our clients. We are publishing extensively, re: the insights and actionable takeaways from the Impact Summit, and in today’s post I’m thrilled to highlight our incredible keynote speaker. We were honored to have Robert Wachter, MD,…

2022 Rx: Your new, post-pandemic prescription for success

By David Schweppe

By Dave Schweppe, Chief Analytics Officer, MedeAnalytics Despite the common use of the term “post-COVID,” most leaders across the healthcare industry have come to terms with the fact that COVID-19 is not going away. Though we will not be in a pandemic state forever, many of the resulting changes will continue to pervade and impact…