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Scott Hampel

Scott Hampel is President at MedeAnalytics. He has over 20 years of experience building high-performing teams and leading product and business planning functions. Scott is responsible for the company’s strategy and product performance. He leads the product and marketing functions to deliver innovative products to the healthcare analytics market and maximize value across the company’s distinguished client base.

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Pandemic devours hospital revenue; these ideas can help get it back

By Scott Hampel

There’s no way around it. The coronavirus pandemic has created a perfect storm that, even as we progress through the vaccination phases, continues to impact the financial stability of the healthcare industry, specifically hospitals. “Hospitals across the country have faced higher prices for extra staff, especially travel nurses, to ensure enough capacity to fight the…

Use SDOH + Analytics to power better outcomes for underserved population

By Scott Hampel

Whether you’re a payer, provider or patient, on the front lines of care, sitting in front of a computer or receiving treatment, you’ve been affected by the pandemic. Of all the groups who participate in healthcare in one way or another, perhaps no single group has suffered more over the last year during the pandemic than the underserved— those people without ready access to needed healthcare services.

Pandemic fuels 2021 healthcare megatrends

By Scott Hampel

When I wrote about megatrends last year, the predictions were, naturally, forward-looking. Telehealth, for example, was important because of increased healthcare consumerism and the convergence of technologies to make its use quick and easy for payers, providers and patients.

The Digital Healthcare Podcast with President Scott Hampel

By Scott Hampel

The Digital Healthcare Podcast spent nearly an hour talking to MedeAnalytics President Scott Hampel about the current and future state of enterprise analytics in healthcare. Learn how your healthcare business can use data analytics to solve everyday operational, financial and clinical challenges. Listen to the podcast now.

Why Predictive Analytics is the Answer to Healthcare’s Big Data Problem

By Scott Hampel

By Scott Hampel Making improvements in healthcare data analytics has the potential to lead to significant cost savings and improved patient health and wellness. We’ve identified two ways these improvements can be accomplished: Embrace an enterprise analytics strategy to process vast amounts of healthcare data, rather than historical approaches of stitching together dozens of analytics…

Unfamiliar Healthcare Players, Interoperability and Social Determinants Round Out 2020 Megatrends

By Scott Hampel

By Scott Hampel, president of MedeAnaltyics We conclude our 2020 Megatrends with an exploration of new players entering healthcare, the necessity and importance of data interoperability as well as social determinants. While each of these topics appear at first glance to be unconnected, there is a single thread that links them all: data. Now on…

More Megatrends: Price Transparency, Telehealth, Individualized Medicine

By Scott Hampel

By Scott Hampel, president of MedeAnalytics Now that we’ve dealt with Megatrends one through three, we’re approaching the next set. In this group we’re exploring price transparency (and its likely difficult implementation), the increasing use of telehealth thanks to internet-connected devices and precision medicine, made easier thanks to technology. Yet again it is data and…

2020 Megatrends: Consumerism, Data Privacy and Security, AI

By Scott Hampel

With 2020 two weeks old, it’s becoming clear the data produced in the healthcare industry by providers, consumers and payers will power and propel our 9 megatrends. Healthcare data is the foundation on which we’re building everything from healthcare outreach for the underserved to new Internet of Things-based healthcare programs to treatments designed just for you.

Why Unconventional Businesses Will Find Success in Healthcare: It’s the Data

By Scott Hampel

It seems everyone is moving into healthcare. It’s a rapidly growing industry, historically dominated by large, well-embedded companies and organizations, and “pure tech” companies have had difficulty breaking in. That, however, is changing.

Data and Social Determinants of Health

By Scott Hampel

By Scott Hampel – I think a lot–and I’m not the only one–about how we can improve the ways we pull information from data. Data on its own is inert: just waiting to be understood and then used. And that’s a major challenge for many organizations. Data is often trapped in different applications with no easy or convenient way to extract it.

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