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Mary Lou Mangan-Lamb

With more than 17 years of progressive experience in health analytics, Mary-Lou Mangan-Lamb is a director of Product Consulting at MedeAnalytics. Her focus is platform products, which includes MedeCreate and MedeWorks. She has worked with large healthcare provider groups, health insurance companies, state Medicaid agencies and national customer accounts in key consultative roles. She has extensive consultative expertise in program management around care, disease, pharmacy and utilization.

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Why managed Medicaid/Medicare health plans need analytics to improve outcomes

By Mary Lou Mangan-Lamb

Managed care organizations that provide healthcare services to Medicare/Medicaid members are dedicated to improving the health and wellness of these underserved populations, especially those living in rural areas.   

Using consumer analytics to steer health-related decisions

By Mary Lou Mangan-Lamb

Companies tap into what people like to eat and drink, how we purchase consumables, where we like to shop, what shows we might like to stream, whether we vote, and so on. If you have ever created a profile on a streaming application (think Netflix or Amazon), you will receive recommended books, movies and other items just as soon as you start surfing.

Healthcare’s return to “normal” after COVID-19: Is it possible?

By Mary Lou Mangan-Lamb

As providers determine how to get patients to return to facilities for routine disease management and preventive screenings, opportunities are ripe for the application of analytics to triage at the right time to the right setting. Data related to COVID-19 will continue to flow rapidly, but there are possibly more questions than answers now about a return to “normal.”

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