Revenue Cycle

From blackholes and bottlenecks to cashflow and collections.

Used by healthcare providers across the country, Revenue Cycle optimizes cashflow and improves collections by bringing complex patient accounting data into a unified view. This solution exposes the black holes, bottlenecks and outliers that result in lost revenue for health care organizations.

  • Accelerate cash across both hospital and physician practices

  • Automate collections workflow, reducing cost-to-collect

  • Evaluate service line profitability

  • Limit bad debt and denials, understanding root cause

  • Streamline monthly reserves

  • Aggregation

    Pulling patient account data organization-wide creates a holistic view of your healthcare revenue cycle.

  • Interpretation

    Spot errors, denials, charge lags and outstanding receivables with vivid, intuitive dashboards.

  • Transformation

    Measure and manage enterprise revenue cycle performance.

Pinpoint AR bottlenecks and streamline collection efforts with healthcare revenue cycle analysis

Pinpoint AR bottlenecks and streamline collection efforts with healthcare revenue cycle analysis

Boost self-pay collections by predicting propensity to pay

Boost self-pay collections by predicting propensity to pay

Eliminate avoidable denials by monitoring root causes and trends

Eliminate avoidable denials by monitoring root causes and trends

Key Performance Indicators

  • A/R Days > 90
  • Self-pay collection %
  • Denial overturn %

What It Offers

  • Daily snapshot of organizational revenue cycle performance
  • Easy-to-use management dashboards
  • Highlighted action points
  • Comparative industry benchmarks
  • Access on the iPad

Revenue Cycle Analysis By the Module – Customizing Your Configuration

  • Self-Pay Analytics

    Collection risk score, Federal poverty level %, Self-pay collection rate

  • Denial Analytics

    Denial rate by payer, Front-end denials by facility, Clinical denials by DRG

  • Financial Strategy Analytics

    Reserve Analytics, Business Planning, Health Plan Score Card

  • Account Lifecycle Analytics

    (when installed with our Patient Access Intelligence tool)

  • Performance Package

    A/R Workflow, Self-Pay Workflow, Denials Workflow

Complementary Solutions

  • Patient Access

    Patient Access provides critical real-time analytics information during the patient registration and payment clearance processes. With intuitive dashboards and simple step-by-step checklists, front office staff are able to accurately estimate patient cost, improving pre-service collections and reducing back end denials.

  • ICD-10

    In preparation for the formidable ICD-10 codes conversion, providers can preview financial and operational impacts, implement physician and coder education where it’s needed most and track patterns through the transition to limit errors and extra costs.

  • Revenue Integrity

    Healthcare reimbursement is changing. By 2020, fee-for-value reimbursement is projected to represent 83% of your revenue—up from 43% today and 14% in 2010. Clinical operations will become vital to your bottom line. It is at the mid-cycle—the point between patient access and the business office—where improvement initiatives will have the greatest impact. Revenue Integrity for healthcare providers gives you complete visibility into your documentation and coding performance—and that of your peers. So you can quickly spot opportunities to improve revenue capture, minimize audit risk, and prepare for ICD-10.

  • Performance Management

    Performance Management combines robust analytics with action planning, resource assignment, progress tracking and performance monitoring—all in one closed-loop performance improvement system—to ensure the organization is on the same page at the same time, working toward the right goals and achieving the best possible results.

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