Provider Access

Equip providers with clinical data to support care for Medicaid beneficiaries

Today’s Medicaid physicians often have no way to maintain a longitudinal record on patients or export Medicaid clinical data into their EHRs. As Medicaid grows, this creates a fragmented system that puts patient safety at risk. Provider Access is a physician portal that offers comprehensive clinical data including patient histories, medications, disease registries, and gaps in care—to support the delivery of high-quality, patient-centered care for Medicaid beneficiaries.

  • Help providers design a more efficient, patient-centered care delivery model

  • Enable physicians to hold productive, meaningful conversations with Medicaid patients and other providers

  • Assist in identifying patients who require one-on-one intervention, coaching, or guidance

  • Support modern, mobile physician workflows

  • Help providers reduce medication abuse and educate patients on chronic conditions

  • Export patient information in C-CDA format while complying with Meaningful Use Stage 2 (View Disclosure)

  • Aggregation

    Aggregate administrative and clinical data to create comprehensive patient health histories across providers and facilities.

  • Interpretation

    Offer insight that helps Medicaid providers create optimal

  • Transformation

    Enable providers to identify gaps in care and manage conditions that have the most significant impact on the overall population.

View longitudinal patient information with a single click.

View longitudinal patient information with a single click.

Give physicians meaningful feedback on their populations.

Give physicians meaningful feedback on their populations.

What It Offers

  • Patient health histories that facilitate collaboration among healthcare teams
  • Data on risk factors and chronic conditions that influence treatment plans
  • The ability to collectively evaluate patients for enrollment in care management programs
  • Health histories that aid in educating patients about chronic conditions, medications, and healthy lifestyles


  • Disclosure

    MedeAnalytics Mede/Provider Access v. 2.3 CHPL Certification ID 150097R00; Certified 7/24/2015 Criteria Tested: 170.314(b)(1) and (2) Additional Software Required to Demonstrate Compliance: Secure Exchange Solutions No additional costs are required to implement or use certified capabilities. Implementation and/or use of certified capabilities is limited to existing product functionality

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