Patient Access

Optimize patient satisfaction even before treatment.

Patient Access provides critical real-time analytics information during the patient registration and payment clearance processes. With intuitive dashboards and simple step-by-step checklists, front office staff are able to accurately estimate patient cost, improving pre-service collections and reducing back end denials.

  • Automate and streamline all registration tasks system-wide

  • Reduce registration-related denials by identifying errors before they occur

  • Produce accurate estimations of total charge, insurance coverage and patient portion

  • Easily verify insurance eligibility and screen for Medicaid

  • Aggregation

    Registration, contract and third party data provide critical insight at point-of-service.

  • Interpretation

    Step-by-step checklists spot registration errors while real-time patient access analytics produce accurate cost estimates.

  • Transformation

    Improve POS collections and patient satisfaction while reducing registration-related denials.

View patient access activity at a glance

View patient access activity at a glance

Simplify patient access analytics with color-coded workflows

Simplify patient access analytics with color-coded workflows

Key Performance Indicators

  • POS cash collections trend
  • Registration accuracy score
  • Charity care applications by FPL%

What It Offers

  • Real-time registration work list
  • Easy-to-use red light/green light dashboard
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Medicaid eligibility screening
  • Highly accurate patient payment estimation

Complementary Solutions

  • Revenue Cycle

    Used by healthcare providers across the country, Revenue Cycle optimizes cashflow and improves collections by bringing complex patient accounting data into a unified view. This solution exposes the black holes, bottlenecks and outliers that result in lost revenue for health care organizations.

  • ICD-10

    In preparation for the formidable ICD-10 codes conversion, providers can preview financial and operational impacts, implement physician and coder education where it’s needed most and track patterns through the transition to limit errors and extra costs.

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