Employer Reporting

Foster personalized, interactive dialogue.

Employer Reporting provides collaborative, modern health care analysis and reporting that increases employer retention, reduces strain on internal reporting staff, and improves client satisfaction. Employer Reporting integrates with MedeAnalytics’ full enterprise suite.

Employer Reporting took us from the bottom 50% of our peer group, in terms of data/service levels, to closer to the top of the class. A broker recently noted that Employer Reporting makes them want to bring groups to us.
— Director, Analytics
  • Share insights with employers 5x sooner than the competition

  • Send highly tailored, automated reports to employers - better communication means better client relationships

  • Integrate benefit information from third party carriers, PBMs, and others

  • Get information 60x faster, even for your largest groups

  • Ensure that all stakeholders—employers, providers, members—receive the same, correct information

  • Consult with employer groups by leveraging real-time insight

  • Improve Efficiency

    Run reports in 50% less time and address ad hoc reports 75% faster

  • Increase Retention

    Retain more clients with reports that allow for greater collaboration

  • Enhance Satisfaction

    Improve client satisfaction and earn one new client per year

Analyze growing pharmacy costs with ease.

Analyze growing pharmacy costs with ease.

Give brokers access to their entire books in one place.

Give brokers access to their entire books in one place.

What It Offers

  • Results in seconds and monthly data refreshed within 48 hours
  • A modern interface usable by account executives, benefit managers, and analysts
  • Scheduled reporting with automated production of tens of thousands of complex reports
  • A member-centric model that follows the member regardless of account
  • 3-click spec and aggregate limit stop loss reporting
  • Alerts that proactively notify users of significant events and changes
  • Full mobile support for smartphones and tablets as well as mobile-specific applications
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