Employer Reporting

Benefit plans that inspire collaboration and client satisfaction.

Employer Reporting provides collaborative, high-tech health plan cost analysis tools and reporting that inspire more efficient and better-utilized benefits plans. With unprecedented transparency, health plans can aggregate, analyze and share plan-use analytics with employer groups as well as analyze the plan’s total population internally.

  • Identify usage trends to develop higher-performing benefits plans

  • Collaborate through powerful web-enabled platform

  • Improve client retention with more transparent process; people stick with companies they trust

  • Send highly tailored, automated reports to employers - better communication means better client relationships

  • Consult with employer groups by leveraging real-time insight

  • Aggregation

    Raw membership data, medical and pharmacy claims, authorizations, provider information and third party data become more than just spreadsheet clutter.

  • Interpretation

    Web-based analytics platform identifies trends with graphs that visualize how benefits are—and aren’t—used by employees and individuals.

  • Transformation

    Health plans help clients design more efficient benefits plans, manage healthcare costs and earn customer trust and loyalty.

View health plan cost analysis and utilization data at a glance

View health plan cost analysis and utilization data at a glance

View compliance risk of population groups

View compliance risk of population groups

Key Performance Indicators

  • PMPM (Per Member Per Month) spend
  • Total healthcare spend and trend
  • Health plan discount

What It Offers

  • Real-time insight into plan performance
  • Data-driven benefit design
  • Role-based security ensuring HIPAA compliance
  • User-friendly, print-ready, customizable reports
  • Access on the iPad

Complementary Solutions

  • Medical and Medicaid Management

    Medical & Medicaid Management helps you identify critical patterns and correlations that reveal exactly where to find savings. By pinpointing areas to take strategic action, mitigate catastrophic claims and promote better health, health plan staff gain an improved understanding of cost and quality drivers and at-risk populations—fully equipping them to steer quality, timely care toward their highest cost members.

  • Population Health

    Population Health reveals the clinical opportunities that lead to healthier populations. Integrating claims, clinical and provider data, it enables health plans and providers to collaboratively deliver on the promise of risk- and value-based contracts.

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