Benefit Analytics

Improve cost and quality for self-insured organizations.

With rising healthcare costs, today’s self-insured employers must effectively manage costs while improving the health and wellness of their employees. MedeAnalytics Benefit Analytics empowers employers, brokers, consultants, and third-party administrators (TPAs) to evaluate employee benefit data to understand the key drivers of cost and utilization.

  • Compare cost drivers through multi-layered analysis across carriers

  • Segment costs within major service categories

  • Identify high-cost care and prescription drug usage

  • Uncover members with chronic conditions and track costs over time

  • Analyze stop-loss coverage and determine ideal coverage amounts

  • Identify candidates for interventions and evaluate their costs

  • Aggregation

    Aggregated cost, utilization, and membership data helps your self-insured organization reduce costs, improve wellness, and design better benefit plans.

  • Interpretation

    By identifying and dissecting cost drivers, you can quantify potential cost savings and make better decisions about carrier mix, benefits, and coverages.

  • Transformation

    Identifying individuals with chronic and preventable diseases enables you to track costs, implement wellness programs, and promote a healthier, more productive workforce.

Monitor and measure the impact of employee wellness programs.

Monitor and measure the impact of employee wellness programs.

What It Offers

  • Analysis of opportunities for cost reductions and improved health and wellness
  • Historical trending reports that help with budgeting and forecasting
  • Identification of members with chronic conditions and costs over time
  • Costs and return on investment of interventions
  • Utilization trends, cost savings, and PMPM targets
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