MedeAnalytics Platform

There's knowledge in data-and power in knowing what to do with it. Our products, platform, and data management capabilities give our clients—providers and health plans—powerful tools to produce actionable, evidence-based insights that make an impact clinically, financially and operationally. Our unique offerings allow us to support an unmatched depth of data, scale seamlessly to meet your needs, and help you make smarter decisions now, and as your needs grow.

MedeAnalytics Platform

  • Data Orchestration

    MedeAnalytics securely integrates data from thousands of healthcare clients, with over 20+ years architecting high-speed data pipelines and handling over 600TB of data across 3,000+ differing systems.

  • Intelligent Analytics Platform

    Our platform allows you to use your analytics intelligently by predicting challenges before they occur.

  • Healthcare-Specific Products

    We like to say “It’s not the data. It’s what you do with it.” With our healthcare-only focus, we’ve developed solutions unlike any other in the industry.

  • Platform as a Service

    Our modern, world-class PaaS platform gives you the assurance of data unity, integrity, performance, and security, empowering you to innovate on your own with features like MedeWorks, which allows you to build your own apps, visualizations, reports, and alerts.

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