Consulting Services

Your data can reveal powerful insights. But it takes a collaborative partner to capitalize on them. The MedeAnalytics Consulting team—armed with corporate backgrounds at some of the nation’s largest health plans—knows exactly how to leverage your data and turn opportunities into realities. We focus exclusively on healthcare, and unlike other consulting organizations, our proficiency is founded on decades of healthcare experience. Backed by our powerful analytics platform, we provide hands-on expertise to uncover opportunities to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and increase healthcare quality for your patient populations. If you already use MedeAnalytics, we’ll begin analyzing your data immediately, a unique value that no other consulting group can provide. Otherwise, send us your claims, eligibility, or other data. We’ll augment it with industry-standard business rules and logic and deliver analytics via the web to quickly begin our analysis.

  • Population Management

    Trust our consulting team to help you adapt and evolve with healthcare’s aging, chronically ill, multiple-comorbid, and high-utilizing patient populations. We’ll use the actionable insights found in your data to identify disease management interventions, improve member and provider engagement, and evaluate candidates for case management.

  • Healthcare Cost Trends

    As healthcare costs are projected to reach $4.6 trillion by 2020, we’ll evaluate trends in your data to identify opportunities to control and reduce costs. We’ll correlate your clinical and financial data to quantify cost drivers and their root causes.

  • Network Performance

    Managing provider networks is crucial to improving costs and efficiency. We’ll help you identify high-cost, inefficient services and providers, out-of-network costs, the possibilities of narrow networks, and opportunities to steer members toward cost-effective network providers.

  • Performance Management

    Once we’ve identified cost and quality opportunities, we’ll help you capitalize on them by creating action and accountability plans designed to achieve cost savings, efficiency gains, and quality enhancements. We’ll enable you to monitor progress, maintain a single, centralized action plan, and analyze performance metrics.

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