Data Sheet June 28, 2016

Revenue Integrity

By 2020, fee-for-value reimbursement is projected to represent 83% of your revenue—up from 43% today and 14% in 2010. Clinical operations will become crucial to your hospital’s bottom line. MedeAnalytics gives you a comprehensive picture of your documentation and coding performance—and that of your peers—so you can quickly spot your biggest opportunities to improve revenue capture, minimize audit risk, and prepare for ICD-10 and beyond. 

Complementary Solutions

  • Patient Access

    Patient Access provides critical real-time analytics information during the patient registration and payment clearance processes. With intuitive dashboards and simple step-by-step checklists, front office staff are able to accurately estimate patient cost, improving pre-service collections and reducing back end denials.

  • Population Health for Providers

    The powerful Population Health analytics tool provides unmatched insight into understanding high-risk patient populations. By aggregating data on costs, quality and efficiency measures across multiple sources, it proactively identifies gaps in care and segments at-risk populations, cutting clinical costs and ensuring viability in a fee-for-quality system.