Video March 15, 2016

Jersey City Medical Center - Enterprise Performance Management

For the past eight years, Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC) has focused on its goal of being in the top 10% of all healthcare organizations in the United States.  In order to accomplish this strategic objective, JCMC uses tracks key initiatives around its 4 pillars of patient safety, clinical quality, economic health, and engagement with patients and employees. In this video, you'll hear from key JCMC executives who share their experiences with leveraging Enterprice Performance Management and how that success helped them earn the prestigious Vision of Performance Excellence Award, a state level Baldrige award.

Complementary Solutions

  • Performance Management

    Performance Management combines robust analytics with action planning, resource assignment, progress tracking and performance monitoring—all in one closed-loop performance improvement system—to ensure the organization is on the same page at the same time, working toward the right goals and achieving the best possible results.