Webinar April 27, 2016

HCSC’s Journey: Transitioning from Legacy Reporting to Analytics

With employers paying out over $625 billion in healthcare expenses annually, it is no surprise that this investment, and health plans in particular, are under such scrutiny. In light of this, more and more health plans are realizing the importance and benefits of engaging their group customers through interactive, personalized information sharing. Learn how HCSC transitioned from standard reporting to a next-generation, self-service analytics platform that enables them to help employers design more efficient benefit plans, manage their healthcare costs, and improve customer trust and loyalty.

In this webinar, Michelle Komar, Director, Enterprise Client Reporting at HCSC, will share their journey including:

  • The transition from standard reporting to self-service analytics
  • The development of branded login page, personal landing page, and interactive templates
  • Examples of reports, training and resource materials
  • Challenges and lessons learned
  • Next steps at HCSC

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